Buying Insurance Plan At AIG Malaysia

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Regarding any sad incidents or losses, you can rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones are safe. Insurance coverages will enable you to depart a legacy behind while guarding your family members and youngsters. AIG Malaysia is a great starting point- it is amongst the very best vehicle insurance plan firms in Malaysia and possesses complete plans for anyone.

Every person ought to have four essential insurance policies with their day-to-day lives- house, car, travel, and personal incident insurance. AIG Malaysia gives recommendations for every one of these cases so that you can make sure you are protected from all of the angles. Regardless of where you may be in everyday life, think about obtaining insurance coverage with AIG.

AIG’s Traveling Insurance coverages are split into three major tree branches: insurance plans for home-based and international vacation and insurance plans for students travelling abroad. All insurance policies feature medical and personal accident cover so that you don’t need to be concerned about taking on unforeseen fees internationally.

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In terms of everyday life and keeping your area safe, AIG also provides Home Insurance for the home and its particular elements. We could also offer insurance coverage for disasters at the mercy of terms and conditions. With AIG, you will be guarded regarding fire, theft, armed robbery, and other such misfortunes.

AIG’s car insurance policies are devoted to include your vehicle against harm- such as through crashes, flame, or thievery. AIG offers crucial streets guidance assistance if you are stranded on the highway, as well as an array of customisable add-on coverages. Our specialised solar panel maintenance workshop gives twelve months of guarantee on all improvements carried out.

Having a Personalised Incident Insurance plan comes with numerous advantages, including a lump sum payment on all accidents, along with health care and hospitalisation rewards. AIG’s insurance policies also expand to 24/7, worldwide insurance, along with the top quality you may be required to pay, which would depend only on your profession and choice of preparation.

Let yourself focus on the far more essential things in daily life without stressing concerning the unexpected. AIG Malaysia’s vehicle insurance plans provide you with several alternatives and options to help you choose which types fit you better. Discover more about your options offered at

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