Stroll in Comfort and Style with PUMA

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Do your shoes feel uncomfortable, and it hurts your feet when you walk? That’s a sign for new shoes! Wearing old, worn-out shoes, especially outdoor basketball shoes, when playing basketball may lead to injuries, and this is because worn-out shoes cannot provide you with the comfort and support you need. Here are 4 signs to replace new shoes for men.


Pain and discomfort

Do you feel the pain and aches while walking? It might be caused by your shoe being old. Suppose you have actively been feeling pain in your joints or having muscle weariness while walking or running, you may be wearing shoes that were no longer cushioned.

The Heels are worn-out

The heels of your shoes can also be an indication of worn-out shoes. If along the border of your shoes are starting to show wear – it’s time to replace them! Besides that, when you find that the heel of your shoe isn’t as solid as it once was or appears a little smashed, your heel is worn down and is not giving you the support you require.

Signs of damage around the shoes

Check the tops and laces of your shoes. Are they damaged? Or have the stitches gone loose? If yes, that’s a sign of worn-out shoes. The damage to your shoes can affect your walking or running performance.

Now that you know the three signs of worn-out shoes, here are some tips on how to take care of your shoes.

  • Wear the right shoes during sports – running shoes for running.
  • Clean your shoes often – wash the dirt and mud away.
  • Waterproofing – your shoes can be damaged by rain or water; waterproofing can help to prevent it.

Find your style with PUMA men shoes

Looking for trendy and unique shoes is now as easy as it can get. PUMA provides you with shoes of different styles, colours, and sizes and shoes fit for various occasions. Head over to your nearest PUMA store or visit the PUMA website at

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